Edward Galligan
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My portfolio, showcasing the diversity of my work.

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Web Design & Development


A selection of websites that I have designed and developed. Each of these sites provided various development challenges, the details of which can be viewed on that projects page.




Widget Development


Sometimes you don't need your entire website redone, but you would simply like to add some new functionallity to your exsisting site. This is where widgets come in very handy. They are small lightweight code that allow you to add new interactive functionally to your site quickly and can easily be styled to match the exsisting design of your site.

Fine Art



Photography is where I originally started my design career. It was photography that introduced me to the world of photoshop and the wonders that can be produced with it. Mixing my love of programming, fascination with the internet, and artistic expression the world of web design and development became the logical choice for me.